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MGT501 Business Environment

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MGT501_ Assessment 2_Internal and External Stakeholder Analysis Page 1 of 6 ASSESSMENT 2 BRIEF Subject Code and Title MGT501 Business Environment Assessment Internal and External Stakeholder Analysis Individual/Group Individual Length 2,500 words Learning Outcomes This assessments addresses the following Subject Learning Outcomes: c) Analyse and synthesise the fundamentals of business in the contemporary environment. d) Construct and Justify a professional value proposition as a business practitioner Submission 12 Week Delivery: By 11:59pm AEST/AEDT Friday of Module 5.2 (week 10) Intensive Class: Due By 11:59pm AEST/AEDT Friday of Module 5 (week 5) Weighting 50% Total Marks 50 marks Context: Business stakeholder analysis is a technique for identifying stakeholders and analysing their roles

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Stakeholders are said to be cogent pillars of an organization and provide support in financial and business practical for long term development. In this regards, it is important for every organization to maintain a good relation with stakeholders and achieve the goal set by the firm. Taking this into consideration, the report provides a brief analysis of the company Cotton on to determine the effectiveness stakeholders in this competitive market. Selected organization is one of the leading retailers known for its fashionable cloths and stationery brands in Australian market. Concern firm is not limited to Australian market, however, 1400 stores in 18 countries around the world. Aim of this report is to provide descriptive analysis regarding the interest and influence of the stakeholders over the company. In this regards, analysis of business intervention through PESTLE analysis and stakeholder matrix helps to determine the interest towards the company. Apart from that, comparative analyses with Woolworths for establishing a clear market analysis in functional areas.

Finding and analysis

Identify and analyse functional areas in business 

Stakeholder provides resources to business, which is one of the primary functions played by stakeholders of the firm. In this regard, business stakeholder analysis is one of the important tools that help to implement relationship with different stakeholders. However,

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