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MD7001- Evidence Based Medicine

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Grading:TheassignmentwillbeassessedaccordingtotheLevel7theoreticalmarkingcriteriaLength:2000wordsReferencing:APASubmissiondetails:Submit either a word or PDF document with your critical review to the turnitinbox on the moodle page in the topic ‘late starters 2018-2019 Assessment’under the title assessment 2 literature review late starters 18-19.ExtrainformationChoose a topic of interest that is relevant now in your field, and evaluate themost recent primary literature available on this topic. The topic should behighly focused on the most recent relevant research and not on wellestablishedconcepts (i.e. this is not a book chapter).The review should end with a relevant specific question or hypothesis whichyou think needs to be answered using future research. Use subheadings toorg

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Asthma is reported by the Global Asthma Network (2014) to affect 334 million people around the world in 2014 and causes nearly 180,000 deaths every year. Nearly 20 percent of such patients are the ones who suffer from severe persistent asthma. Patients with severe uncontrolled and persistent asthma are characterized to suffer from a high risk of exacerbations occurring frequently, hospitalization and in many cases leads to death according to Peters et al. (2006). Mepolizumab (SB-240563) is a drug which is approved for medical use in USA in 2015 by FDA for asthma treatment (Food and Drug Administration) committee under Nucala® brand. This literature review reports the recent studies conducted on the mepolizumab used in the treatment of severe refractory eosinophilic asthma and also focusses on the studies done on its potential in eliminating the use of steroids for this disease.

Eosinophilic asthma

The different endotypes and phenotypes of asthma are identified with the causative, clinical and inflammatory factors. During the last five years new medical interventions have been identified for the targeted treatment of this disease according to the identified phenotypes. In order to select a particular treatment for the variant of asthma, it is imperative to identify the correct biomarker. One distinct phenotype of asthma is Eosinophilic asthma which is characterized by the corticosteroid responsiveness and thickening of airway muc

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