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MBS573 - Marketing recommendation

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Assignment: Marketing recommendations Due Monday 1 June, 11.30pm via LMS Individual assignment Word count: maximum 1,500 words Worth: 15% Requirements • Base your recommendations on the Environmental Scan Report • Provide a brief (1 or 2 paragraphs) of the main findings of your environmental scan. • Make recommendations in relation to: – Market entry – Product: • What adaptations, if any, are suggested? • Is there a particular product or range you would launch first? – Place: • What distribution strategy would you recommend? • Where and how would you make the product or service available? – Promotion: • What promotion activities would you use to launch in this country? • Base your ideas on what you found in your environme

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Marketing recommendation on Environmental scan report


Based on the environmental scan report it was studied that Opal Aged Care which is a well-established brand in Australia indicates entering and developing business in India. The swelling rate of the aging population in the country has been the major driver behind introducing the business in one of the highly populated and democratic country, India. This report will focus on making a recommendation to the market entry related to the product, place, promotion as well as price to prevent its expansion from hedging towards the failure.

The key finding from the environmental scans

It was surmised that India is one of the profoundly populous countries with a prominent demand for old age homes which assisted the organization to choose India for expansion. 

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