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MBA600-MBA Capstone- Written Review and reflection

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Assessment Description...This assessment is your opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply and review a current realworldstrategic problem. This assessment explores the practice of “Doing”At the same time, you will need to identify the practical implementation of recommendations andreflect on what you have learned about strategy and leadership and your role as an effectivemanager as a result of the week 6 guest speaker .Your instructions are therefore as follows:1. Attend one of the guest speakers in week 6.2. Identify the strategic problem discussed in the guest speaker’s presentationa. Conduct analysis of the problem and integrate at least 10 quality practical /academicsecondary sources into your review3. Develop a set of strategic recommendations arising from th

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The strategic issue chosen is managing historical information and minimzing loss of information due to ageing. It is quite possible that organziations discard very old records and this was always the method used in offices where documentation was based on paper (Girard, John P.; Girard, JoAnn L, 2015). But now in the present digital era, digitalizaiton of information and recording it on clouds has helped organziations increase their capacity and potential to maange and record large sets of historical data and save it safely (Booker, Lorne; Bontis, Nick; Serenko, Alexander, 2008). These aspects have been detailed upon in recommendations which state that training should include seniors briefing to juniors regularly and documerntation should be digitalized (Alavi, Maryam; Leidner, Dorothy E., 2015).

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