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Marketing Principles

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Assignment BriefPage 1 of 4 pagesThis document Assessment Outline Created by Mei-Leng Rankin/ Contents by Arnold Tan is subject to changeAssignment Report (due Week12)YEAR:2019SEMESTER:1COURSE(S):Bachelor of Accounting Associate Degree of Accounting Bachelor of BusinessAssociate Degree of Business Bachelor of HospitalitySUBJECT:Marketing PrinciplesCONTRIBUTION TO OVERALL ASSESSMENT:This assignment is worth 30% of the overall assessment.DUE DATE:Week 12PARTICIPATION AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS:This is an individual assignment. The written report must be a typed self-contained report and professionally presented.You are required to write a Marketing Plan for the product shown below. The Marketing Plan should have all the components listed in the Suggested Contents Outline below.The written

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Marketing can be entailed as the initiatives that are taken by an organization in order to promote its products and services. The activities that are associated with marketing include advertising as well as delivering products to the customers accordingly. In this context, it can be stated that the activities that are associated with marketing includes activities that are used to gain attention of potential customers accordingly. Further, it can be stated that customers can be entailed as one of the important stakeholder of an organization and without them their existence is obsolete.  However, the process associated with marketing is expected to be creative as well as innovative. Hence, it is evident that this particular study would entail the concepts associated with marketing. Apart from it, the resources that are expected to be used in the study would entail a marketing plan with John West Tuna Company accordingly. To be specific, the market plan would be entailed in compliance to the Australian customers.

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