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MAE203 – The Global Economy

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The assignment has three parts. In Part A, the questions are related to data collection, preliminary analysis and presentation with narratives. Part B questions are short answer type questions which are going to test your analytical and explanatory skills. In Part C, the purpose of the career education aspect of this assignment is to help you understand employer expectations for economics graduates, track your development and understand the opportunities for economics graduates. Keep in mind that the graduate job application ‘season’ opens February each year, and that the graduate job application process will occur throughout your final year. This assignment is designed as a continuation of the journey you started in MWL101. (See the end of assignment for submission requiremen

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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at consistent costs is a method of analysing country’s domestic production with inflation adjustment. With the assistance of this, the development of a specific economy can be analysed. For the present study same has been done and it has been tried to showcase how these countries exhibit their Real GDP and factor productivity association (Van 2017). Real GDP and all out factor efficiency of every nation expanded persistently somewhere in the range of 1950 and 2014. In any case, the connection between these two macroeconomic markers is same for all nations with the exception of Japan. In Australia, China, France Germany alongside the UK and USA, both Real GDP at steady national costs and absolute factor efficiency at consistent national costs expanded ceaselessly since 1950. In Japan, Real GDP expanded continually however factor profitability stayed dormant throughout the years. On the opposite side, factor efficiency of Spain expanded radically while Real GDP of this nation expanded at a slower rate. In any case, from the over 8 graphs, it tends to be said that Real GDP at consistent national costs and all out factor efficiency at steady national costs have a positive association with one another. In any case, the size of estimations of these measures is extraordinary. Subsequently, any correct connection between them can't be built up. In this specific circumstance, it is basic to make reference to that worldwide money related emergency

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