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LSC802 - Network Design Report

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LSC802: Assessment 3 Network Design Report Weighting: 50% In this assessment you are presented with a fictitious scenario. Based upon the details of the scenario, the assumptions you make and personal research, you will design a supply chain network for a New Zealand company that will optimise transportation costs and customer service levels, and minimise waste and carbon emissions. Role playing as a supply chain consultant, you will write a report in which you will explain and recommend your supply chain design to the CEO of the company. Scenario Proctor-Thorsen International Limited (PTIL, known as Pee-Til) is a very successful New Zealand manufacturer of high quality possum fur booties for adults and babies. Designed for indoor use, the booties sell well in New Zealand (NZ) to both loca

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The following study focuses on the network design of a company named Proctor-Thorsen International Limited (PTIL), which operates its business in the market of New Zealand. This is a manufacturing company that produces Booties for both adults and babies. In this case, the network design of the mentioned company highlighted the logistics and supply chain improvement where the company wants to improve its traditional method of logistics and supply chain. The following company wants to implement environmentally sustainable practices within its supply chain process to minimize any environmental harm during the transportation of the resources and raw materials that require the company for manufacturing Booties. Hence, the following study focuses on designing effective logistics and supply chain strategies that the company named PTIL can implement within its supply chain and follow sustainable standards available in the regulation of New Zealand for securing environmental sustainability. Apart from this, it also focuses on the cost reduction from the logistics and supply chain processes that the mentioned company can minimize the business cost and gain high profitability.


Analyze Trade-Offs Between Transportation Costs and Customer Service Levels

            Trade-offs is known as situations or conditions where an increase of one factor decreases an

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