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LSC801 - Virtual Warehouse Field Trip Report

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LSC801: Alternative Assessment 3 Virtual Warehouse Field Trip Report Weighting: 40% Students are to undertake a virtual field trip to a real warehouse operation, and critically evaluate observed storage and warehousing practices via apostvisit report. The ‘observation’ itself will take the form of a virtual warehouse audit, which you will undertake based on a set of detailed notes and high-resolution images taken in a recent visit to an actual warehouse facility within the Nelson region. A Warehouse Audit Checklist (provided separately) will be used to capture data during your virtual visit. These materials will provide the basis for your analysis, to be presented in a professional report including your technical recommendations to the fictional entity, WCS, on improvements ide

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The surplus production of a company requires effective storage for assuring timely availability as per the requirement. These surplus items consist of perishable products that requires artificial freezing for ensuring long term freshness. The required long-term freshness for perishable items indicates essential participation of artificial freezing technique in the form of Industrial Cold Storages. The present report includes detailed information about multiple practices of Whakatu Cold Storage(WSC) located in New Zealand to safeguard the freshness of perishable items in hygiene condition. The report specifically focuses on General, Health & Safety along with Performance Measurement practices of employees working for the organization.           

Descriptive evaluation of Warehouse & General Practices


            The Warehouse Structure of WSC relates to the safe and secure storage of surplus items produced by reputed organizations to address the consumer demand as per the requirement. The safe storage of surplus items encourages availability of these items in the off seasons for the mutual benefit of customers and generation of organizational profit. In this regard, the engagement of Video Surveillance serves as an effective tool for ensuring physi

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