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LSC801 - Virtual Warehouse Field Trip Report

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LSC801: Alternative Assessment 3 Virtual Warehouse Field Trip Report Weighting: 40% Students are to undertake a virtual field trip to a real warehouse operation, and critically evaluate observed storage and warehousing practices via apostvisit report. The ‘observation’ itself will take the form of a virtual warehouse audit, which you will undertake based on a set of detailed notes and high-resolution images taken in a recent visit to an actual warehouse facility within the Nelson region. A Warehouse Audit Checklist (provided separately) will be used to capture data during your virtual visit. These materials will provide the basis for your analysis, to be presented in a professional report including your technical recommendations to the fictional entity, WCS, on improvements ide

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Many workers of warehouse are injured due to safety issues and improper management every year. Therefore, an audit of the workplace is necessary for improving the workplace safety and improving the safety of work. In order to investigate proper safety the modern IT implementation, safe stock layout process and proper communication process are also measured in an audit. Here in this audit report the critical evaluation of WCS will be analyzed. This facilitates long-term supply driven storage and demand driven distribution center. The effect of the recent pandemic situation is making an impact on the supply chain process globally and this has a huge effect on warehouses. 


WCS provides service especially as temperature controlled storage and this is a third party service provider. This is located on Tasman, which is well known for its fruit-growing region and near Australia's largest fishing port of Nelson. Therefore, mainly dry fish, fruits and therefore this place is considered as a high concentration logistic area for business. After the expansion of this warehouse, the total storage capacity is about 25,000 tons. 

Critical evaluation of general storage and practices

Audit process starts with several security operations like security of the warehouse and safety processes. Increased demand of technology for safety is important, thus proper information

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