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LSC801 - Warehouse & Storage Techniques

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LSC801 Warehouse & Storage Techniques Assessment 1: Warehouse Scenario A ‘Jim Olsen Storage’ Weighting: 25% This scenario is fictitious and therefore, there is no need to contact any companies. Read the case study scenario below and then, role playing as a warehouse specialist, complete the assignment in the form of a report. Jim Olsen’s Current Business Jim Olsen’s current business is selling interior and paving tiles to individuals and businesses in a New Zealand city. He stores tiles and tiling accessories in a warehouse (50 x 100 m) adjoining his retail shop. Tile shipments arrive at the front of the warehouse, where they are unloaded by his worker and stored. A forklift is used for heavy work. Some tiles are unpacked and displayed either in the shop or in a

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Warehousing is one of the essential parts of the supply chain. Inventory management is warehousing have a huge impact in managing the supplies and efficient, on-time delivery of goods to the customers. The study will focus on the different functionalities performed within JIM OLSEN STORAGE for the optimum use of the entire space. It also provides some recommendations about different functions which will help expand the business with various other merchants.


Functions within Warehouse

Managing and storing bulk supplies as well as providing safety is a difficult task. Any hazard can be avoided with the use of proper and innovative storage equipment (Shravanthi, & Mahendran, 2018). The main business of Jim is to deal with the storage of his tile’s business. To protect the tiles from falling off, stacking them upon each other is not a good idea. It also affects the displayability of them, which leads to unmanaged stock. For the tile storage, different Shelves can be installed and stacking frames will be a handy option. Segregation cages can be used to store the bulk supplies with proper corner protectors. The case scenario shows that the mezzanine storage system can also be implemented in Jim’s warehouse.

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