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LGH602 - Leadership for Global Hospitality

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BMIHMS at Torrens University Australia Page 1 of 3 ASSESSMENT OUTLINE – PERSONAL LEADERSHIP PLAN Program Master of International Hotel Management Code and Subject LGH602 Leadership for Global Hospitality Assessment Assessment Part 1 – Personal Leadership Plan Due Date Week 4 – Submission via Turnitin by Friday 8th May 2020, 11.59pm Learning Outcomes a) Provide a comprehensive explanation of the role of leadership b) Critically analyse using relevant theories and research, current and future issues in the leadership of hospitality enterprises e) Develop a personal leadership plan and implementation strategy Submission Guidelines ? Typed in report format following a Reflective Journal structure ? Word count: Maximum 1,200 words ? A Torrens University Australia Individual As

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In this modern era, organizations are understanding the importance of leadership, and they focusing deeply on this ground. Researchers state that the key to the success of a firm, even for global and dynamic industries is leadership qualities. Being global, dynamic, and extremely complex, hospitality industries have to focus on the potential leadership abilities of the organization to handle the issues and to exist in the competitive market(Chathoth, & Olsen, 2002). My paper will analyze why should we give importance to leadership management and the role of the leaders in the global hospitality industries.
According to Olsen, the leadership ability is determined based on how leaders of an organization can handle changes and manage the organization to cope with it(Chathoth, & Olsen, 2002). Therefore, we need to understand what is the nature of leadership and traits, motive, and characteristics of leaders and the charismatic and transformational leadership to handle the organizational changes. These are what we have learned in the topics 1, 2, & 3, and in this paper, I will analyze why these characteristics are important in the hospitality industries. Based on these understandings, later on, I will prepare my leadership plan. In the end, I will talk about a leader who admires most and the leadership qualities of the person that are relevant in my plan.
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