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SUBJECT--- Identify human factors that impact on work performance and then critically analyse the relationship between these and quality and safety in health care provision… STRUCTURE OF THE CRITICAL REVIEW… INTRODUCTION BODY CONCLUSION MARKING CRITERIA… INTRODUCTION--- intro includes  1. An opening statement that introduce the topic… 2. General background information of the topic 3. excellently constructed AIM 4. Clear and relevant THESIS STATEMENT 5. Outline main topics of the paper. BODY--- Outstanding CRITICAL ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION OF ALL MAJOR CONCEPTS AND KEY ISSUES related to human factors and workplace performance.  Compellingly establishes THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO QUALITY AND SAFETY IN HEALTHCARE. Highly relevant examples are evide

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Healthcare is one of the least automation-assisted sectors. Healthcare services include diagnosis, cure & follow up in an attempt to stretch the current lifespan by preventing the life-threatening diseases & their effects. The human factor plays an essential role in all the segments which healthcare services deal in. Human factors in the form of doctors, assistants, nurse etc. are an integral part of services which are provided to the patients. Human factor are highly prone to errors.  An important part of human factors errors is flaws inherent in the human cognitive process which are impaired by ordinary situations in which the individuals making the error is highly distracted, stressed, overloaded, or does not have enough knowledge regarding taking a valuable action.

The healthcare industry is managed by the most important service delivery factor- Quality. Quality lies at the helm of service delivery structure. In a nutshell, quality has an upper hand in service delivery since it reduces rework, the risk involved, waste generated, lowered costs etc. Quality simply means complete focus on the process involved & the precision to segregate what is really essential while doing any work. It refers to attenuating the background noise generated while researching something. The desire for quality has led to humans forming many protocols & regulations which in turn can provide enriched experiences & recognit

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