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LAWS11061 Contract A - First Written Assessment Question – T1 2019

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  High  Distinction   Distinction Credit Pass Fail Issues Identifies and sticks to the legal issues relevant to the set problem.  No irrelevant issues given. Identifies most of the relevant issues without digressing into irrelevant issues. Identifies many relevant issues.  May digress into irrelevant areas. Identifies some of the relevant issues but may be mixed with irrelevant ones. Misses a significant proportion of the issues and/or provides irrelevant ones. Rules Most appropriate legal principles identified, and linked to the issues identified.Correct authorities cited. Appropriate legal principles identified, and linked to the issues. Correct authorities cited. Some of

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This paper will be advising Rashida about her legal obligations in the relation to the contracts she had formed a couple of years back with 1) her mother and 2) her teacher Bernardo. The paper will only discuss the issues of contract formation which has been given in the problem and will be focusing on the given questions that is:

‘Which agreement in the scenario are legally binding, justiciable contracts and why?

The first contract- Rashida and Her mother

Rashida signed a contract with her mother where she agreed to pay more attention in class.

The Issue

The issue arose when Rashida’s final result came and she was far short of the cut off for admission into a medical college. Her mother showed her note from two years ago and told her that she has not kept her promise, hence she has to pay for her board and lodging as soon as she turns18.

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