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LAW10021 Research Assignment

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1LAW10021 Introduction to LawDr Sven GallaschLAW10021Research AssignmentDiscuss the recent changes in Victorian bail legislation in light of the BourkeStreet rampage in 2017 and the Bourke Street terror attack last year. Evaluatewhether the current legislation is desirable, effective or too far reaching?This is a research assignment. You are required to undertake your own research inrespect of Victorian bail legislation. You need to find appropriate sources that supportyour discussion of the posed question and reference them adequately. Solely relyingon newspaper articles is not sufficient. You should also consider academic articles,submissions to government and government reports such as Hansard. Undertakingindividual research evidenced by appropriate referencing attracts overall a maximu

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Due to the recent terror and the violent activities, it has also granted bail to a person who had been charged with criminal offenses that are made part of the incredibly difficult decision. This is in relation within minutes along with procuring a little information. This is part of the decision which has to find a fine balance to protect the given community with the predefined rights. It also has to prove and ensure that it can take concrete steps which can help to determine how individuals can secure their lives and not be proven guilty[1]. It would also be a step that can help to avoid depriving individuals to be able to access the liberty unnecessarily. It would subsequently be applied to the significant changes that can exist due to the implementation of the Victorian Bail Act. This was implemented due to the series of the terrorist offenses in Melbourne. This article helps to relate and understands the tests to be applied to the person that would be applicable for the bail as per the amended Bail Act.

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The law is known as New Victorian bail law that has come into existence from July 1, 2018.[2] As per the new bail laws, it wou

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