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ITECH7406 - Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

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ITECH7406 Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, SEM1, 2020 Assignment #1 (Individual Analytic Report) Individual analytic report: 20% Word Count: 1800 words Due Date: Friday, 08 May 2020 - 17:00 (Week 08) There are new and exciting developments that are taking place in the Business Intelligence literature that is constantly shaping the use and implementation of Business Intelligence and Data warehousing tools and applications in organizations. The objective of this assessment is to: (i) Provide a forum for students to investigate the practice, approaches and understanding of business intelligence as it is being applied in the real world to realize organizational objectives. (ii) Allow students to show innovation and creativity in applying SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, SAP Predictive An

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Data analytics alludes to the qualitative and quantitative strategies and procedures used to improve efficiency and business game. Business to purchaser applications (B2C) need information logical associations to accumulate information from different sources like clients, business, and so on, gather it and afterwards handle it according to the prerequisite. Further handled information is investigated to examine a specific pattern. This includes seeing patterns, designs and other valuable data from the current informational collection for investigation. When broken down, this information can be utilized to change the examples of how the business has been working. It likewise experiences that can be utilized as a bit of leeway for the business.

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The question that has been selected for the study is; how can data analytics provide business value to the organisation. Data analytics causes the association to discover bits of knowledge about the association and how these can improve the working of the business. It additionally encourages the association to see how the business can be completed later on. Besides, information Analytics helps the association in imagining openings and alternatives. Taking everything into account, it not just helps an organization concocts new open doors as indicated by the new patterns yet it likewise enables the organization to dissect the information that is as o

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