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Your    report   should be limited to approx.   1300 words (not including references). Use   1.5 spacing with a       12-point Times New         Roman font. Though your paper will  largely be based on the           chosen article, you can use other sources to support          your discussion. Citation of sources  is mandatory and must be in the Harvard style. Introduction: A statement of the purpose for your report and a brief outline of how you will discuss the selected article (one or two paragraphs).          Make sure to ide

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1.0 Introduction

The management of an organisation’s interaction with the existing as well as the potential customers is termed as customer relationship management. The use of the internet to manage the customer relationship of organisations is becoming increasingly popular. Gathering information regarding the customer database can be undertaken through the aid of internet marketing or database marketing. The prime objective for this marketing is to focus on gathering data regarding the demands and requirements of the existing and the potential customers for the firm. The article by O'Leary, Rao and Perry (2004), which focuses on improving the customer relationship through internet marketing is reviewed and analysed in this study. Furthermore, the action research approach has been implemented in the paper which is evaluated in this study as well. The content along with the methodology and the findings of the research is undertaken in this paper for the better evaluation of the article.

2.0 Body of the report

2.1 Purpose and content of the article

The article by O'Leary, Rao and Perry (2004), focuses on the development and improvement of the scope of customer relationship management through opting for internet marketing. Internet marketing provides an opportunity for companies to focus on the data or information generated through the behavioral patterns demonstrated by consumers. The paper had been segregated into

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