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Impact of Economic Crisis on Local Healthcare

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The topic for the assignment is: What are the main challenges that a health service manager is facing regarding the impact of an economic crisis to a local society? The assignment must be 2000 words and Havard reference style,

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The global financial crisis had dominated the society in this natural course.  As a result of the global financial crisis, many Australians had lost their jobs. Unemployment is on verge of reaching eight percent and billions of Australian dollars are at stake.  The financial downfall has been identified to directly impact the overall health and spending by the public to afford healthcare. It is a matter of concern in Australia how the economic crisis has affected the health of the population, death rates and various impacts of mental disorder (Andersen, et al., 2011). The analysis would help to identify the challenges which are faced by healthcare manager at social level due to the financial crisis. In Australian context, healthcare service is one of the complex, as well as a costly sector which is prevailing in contemporary society.

Since people gain the capacity to access modern healthcare services with increase in income, the opposite occurs during economic downfall. The people lose their ability to spend behind healthcare services. The economic downfall has forced the need for multifactorial health aspects, especially at local levels. This paper would reflect on the health care managerial problems faced by the economic crisis at local level and present a comprehensive analysis.

Impact of Economic Crisis on Society

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