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Overview of Assignmen Students will work in groups of 2-3 on a mathematical investigation. Students will be given a problem scenario including suggestions for modelling and exploration. They will have to analyse, design and construct a mathematical model and investigate its solution and describe their conclusions in mathematical and/or graphical form. The report length can be around 5 – 10 pages. The report must have a short statement of the contributions of each group member Task Description: Written Report Your group will be exploring one Mathematical problem and its uses in the real world. You are to write a report on your findings. Your group can choose one from the following problems or your group can choose to come up with your own. However, after forming group and decidin

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  1.  Introduction:

The reality or trueness of predator-prey model interactions gives us suggest that the ecological machine systems are very much complicated than the very common traditional theory or phenomena implies. In a very exhaustive theory study of about fifty-eight huge carnivore and prey collision in the area of North America, the U.S. Wildlife and Fish Service in 1978 got that the 31 predators did regulation of the growth of the prey model populations. But the 27 did not regulate. Some observations of the predator-prey model relationships have been suggesting that with the certain densities of the population of predators can have some control on prey populations, but this cannot control at another type of densities [3].

We can observe in some of the cases, predators seem to dampen ups and downs in prey populations, such as in elk, mountain lions and mule deer [4], while in some others like as hare, rabbit, owls, fox, and lynx the presence of predators might be accentuated fluctuations in the model of prey population.

It may be the occurrence of that enhancement of the food for the prey population model, it can be well described in an example of the feeding of deer that is wild in frost, may give the two populations like carnivore and prey towards the oscillations that can give to destruction of a local type prey population [6]. contrariwise, assuming control of a predator model which gives

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