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IBS806 - Global Marketing Plan

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  Assessment 3: Global Marketing Plan Purpose: To create a global marketing strategy, using intelligence and knowledge of one or more markets. Learning Outcomes Addressed: Source, interpret and utilise credible international market intelligence. Conduct a comprehensive analysis of how cultural differences and market trends in countries and regions affect international marketing practice. Generate an in-depth global marketing strategy. Details: Weighting: 40% Due: Thursday 16th April, 5 pm. Word count: 4,000 +/- 10%. References and Appendices are not included in your word count. Task: You are to select a business idea and write an international global strategy. This business idea may be new or existing. It must involve business across borders, including marketing within

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The report I going to evaluate a global marketing strategy for the local bakery company of New Zealand Blomquist. It will set a marketing plan for expanding in the market of the UK, China, and Australia. In this context, it will evaluate the external analysis and internal analysis for assessing the threats and opportunities of itself and also of the market. It will also assess the situational analysis based on Social factors, consumption style, and many others. It will focus on making strategies for market entry, competitive strategy, and others. The marketing mix will be done for the marketing programs and also provide a recommendation for better strategy implementation.

Part One: Situation Analysis







  • Stability in government
  • Brexit
  • Free & open trading



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