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IBS803 - International Strategic Management

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Assessment        This course is assessed by applied case (described in a different document on Moodle) based around international strategic management and business strategy. This assessment is about strategy formulation by assessing different external factors and their impact on the business. We have selected PESTLE analysis which is strategic business tool. Details of this assessment components are given below.  The weighting of this assessment is 30% of the course. You are reminded that it is your responsibility to read and understand the University regulations regarding assessment. Your attention is directed to the regulations regarding plagiarism.   Weighting: 30%   Due: TBA – APPLIED CASE ANALYSIS   Requirement: You are requir

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In entrepreneurship journey, each of the individuals goes through different paths as someof the individuals face more stumbling blocks than the others. In this modern globalised world, every aspect of the business has come to the digital platform.

In the study, a New Zealand based company named Xero has been taken to analysis various aspects of business in a very coherent manner. The company is now a fully-fledged multinational company based in New Zealand. Headquarter of Xero is situated in Wellington city of New Zealand. As per recent data, the net worth of Xero has been crossed the US $ 560 million in the last quarter of 2019 (Houguin et al., 2019). Xero has multiple offices in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and in the United States, South Africa, Hong Kong and Canada. Xero mainly provides the SaaS based products and its products are used in 180 different countries. Xero can expand the business targeting South American countries as these regions have not been expanded by the organization yet. Accounting Software is used n all regions and current revenue of the rganisation is 718 million NZ and current employees of the organization is 3000 (Dos Santos, 2019).

Presently, the company is willing to expand its business to South American countries. Through this study, some challenges that the company will face in its market expansion operation in South American countries have been analysed in detail.  Xero is expanding to South Amer

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