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HRMG5064 - Management

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HRMG5064 Term 2   Module Assessment (submission April 20, 2020)   Module leader: Dr Joseph Eyong   There is only one assessment for this module. The assignmentconsists of a 3500 word essay +- 10% in which you demonstrate knowledge and ability to implement, articulate and use aspects of the topics covered each week. The essay must to be submitted online only and must be the result of your own individual effort. As there is only one task for the module, your mark will constitute the full 100% mark for the entire module. The primary focus of the task is to explore the different topics and themes studied each which within the wider fields of Organisational Behaviour (OB) and Human Resource Management (HRM) and not HRM or OB. The spirit of the assignment is to encourage you

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The organisation faces many difficulty and challenges regarding communication problem, language issues problems, and the work performance of the organisation has also been declined. The 60% employees of the organisation belong from the native country and the rest 40% of the employees belongs from 10 different countries. In this assessment detail knowledge has been provided regarding the various leadership and employee engagement skill. This assessment also provides the way to lead the organisation by using the various leadership theories and motivation theories and shows that how these motivation and leadership and motivation theories helps the organisation to achieve its goal. The assessment will also provide the information to the readers regarding how the cultural differences of the organisation makes a difficult situation for the organisation. The assessment will also provide a guideline on how the organisation faces different challenges and predicaments due to communication and language issues and will provide the solutions regarding to remove the communication problem from the organisation.

There are overall six questions in this assessment in which all the problems has been mentioned regarding the organisation. Whatever the changes is required for the organisation has been made through the research. The assessment will further provide brief knowledge to the reader and this will also help the reader to understand the organisational prob

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