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HLTWHS004: Manage work health and safety

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OBSERVATION/DEMONSTRATIONThroughout this unit, you will be expected to show your competency of the elements through observations or demonstrations. Your instructor will have a list of demonstrations you must complete or tasks to be observed. The observations and demonstrations will be completed as well as the activities found in this workbook. An explanation of demonstrations and observations:Demonstration is off-the-jobA demonstration will require:?Performing a skill or task that is asked of you?Undertaking a simulation exercise.Observation is on-the-jobThe observation will usually require:?Performing a work based skill or task?Interaction with colleagues and/or customers.Your instructor will inform you of which one of the above they would like you to do. The demonstration/observation wil

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Activity 4A
Estimated Time
20-30 Minutes
To provide you with an opportunity to determine WHS priorities in consultation with work group.
1.In a typical work place, determine the WHS priorities when working in a dimly lit work area. Howwould you consult your staff/colleagues on the issue?

The WHS regulations are developed for the individuals or group of people to implement in their business. WHS has also formed regulations for the proper lighting facility when the individuals are working in the dimly light area. The adequate lighting is essential at the workplace and is important for various reasons. It enables each and every worker to carry out their work safely and without any risk to the health of the individuals. With proper lighting facilities, the individuals can move freely and safety within their workplace, especially when they are working in the night shift. Moreover, in case of urgent situation, it provides safe evacuation. These requirements apply to each and every workplace, regardless of the choice of the business. The lighting can be taken from the natural or artificial sources so as to provide good working environment to the workers. 

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