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HLTWHS004: Manage work health and safety

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OBSERVATION/DEMONSTRATIONThroughout this unit, you will be expected to show your competency of the elements through observations or demonstrations. Your instructor will have a list of demonstrations you must complete or tasks to be observed. The observations and demonstrations will be completed as well as the activities found in this workbook. An explanation of demonstrations and observations:Demonstration is off-the-jobA demonstration will require:?Performing a skill or task that is asked of you?Undertaking a simulation exercise.Observation is on-the-jobThe observation will usually require:?Performing a work based skill or task?Interaction with colleagues and/or customers.Your instructor will inform you of which one of the above they would like you to do. The demonstration/observation wil

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Activity 3A
Estimated Time 40 Minutes
Objective To provide you with an opportunity to develop WHS record-keeping policies and
procedures and provide information to workers.
1. Develop a WHS record-keeping policy and procedure for documenting Accidents/Incidence/ Risk
What is the useful information you can extract from these records/registers?
How would you use the information to convey a learning point(s) to workers?

There is presence of hazards at workplace. Companies and organizations are concerned about the health, safety and welfare of their employees at the workplace. In most of the laws, it is the responsibility of the employers to take suitable care about the safety of their employees. If necessary, the employer is expected to attach the necessary resources to ensure that employees are not exposed any risk. There are various policies and procedures through which documentation of accidents/incidences and risk assessments are carried out. There are some typical documents involved in the process of WHS documentation. The documents comprise plans, policies, procedures and guidelines that explains the entire system. The records are maintained to serve as proof of implementation. Complete copies of forms, risk assessments and checklists can constitute the WHS record which are maintained in the WHS management system. There can be externally produced documents pertaining with material safety data sheets,

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