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Healthcare Assessment

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Assessment Write a short report outlining the advantages and disadvantages of population-wide versus targeted approaches to health improvement. Illustrate your discussion with an analysis of a specific health condition with respect to screening and the concept of risk reduction or early intervention. Health conditions: 1) Diabetes Mellitus -500 words                                 2) Hypertension -500 words Requirements This assessment requires you to write a 500 word report. Please ensure you: answer the assessment title and not make up your own write in a report format are familiar with the marking criteria use King's Schoo

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In healthcare assessment, there are several approaches which can be helpful in determining the further route for the determination of possible intervention and health improvement. Both these approaches are quite different in nature with respect to the way they aim at educating people about certain health conditions.

In this report, we will aim to differentiate between the population-wide approach versus the targeted approach for an important health condition, namely: hypertension. The problem is well known of and peculiar in nature and needs different approach towards the intervention and towards the awareness, and how it is to be achieved.

Population-Wide versus Targeted Approach to Hypertension

 Hypertension can be defined as a prolonged medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is consistently elevated. It is also known as high blood pressure. It is also quite a common condition caused by lifestyle changes, diabetes, obesity, stress or any chronic ailment. This condition is quite common in the elderly but is now constantly been seeing at elevated levels in the young adults as well, owing to the stressful nature of jobs and lifestyles.

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