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HC2091: Finance for Business

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1NSTRUCTIONSStudents are required to form a group to study, undertake research, analyse and conduct academic work within the areas of business finance covered in learning materials Topics 1 to 10 inclusive. The assignment should examine the main issues, including underlying theories, implement performance measures used and explain the firm financial performance. Your group is strongly advised to reference professional websites, journal articles and text books in this assignment (case study).TasksThis assessment task is a written report and analysis of the financial performance of a selected listed company on the ASX in order to provide financial and investment advice to a wealthy investor. This assignment requires your group to undertake a comprehensive examination of a firm’s financ

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This assignment is based on JB Hi Fi Australia to analyse their financial position. In first part an analysis will be carried on based on the operations of JB Hi Fi and their competitive advantage over other competitors in the market. In the next part an analysis of the company perforce based on liquidity ratio, profitability ratio and capital structure ratio will be done. This will provide an idea about the overall financial performance of the company. Calculations will be based on two years performance of the company. In next part information from ASX list (ASX: JBH) will be used to determine the changes in share prices of the company over the recent months. This information will be used later to prepare a graph.

1. Description of the company

JB Hi Fi is an Australia-based retail business specializing mainly in video games, HD Blu ray CD, DVD and other electrical appliances. Moreover, they sell home appliances which also include mobile phones in retail form. JB Hi Fi has been listed in ASX list of publicly traded companies (, 2019). JB Hi Fi has set up its headquarters at Melbourne Chadstone shopping centre. JB Hi Fi expanded their operations in New Zealand in the financial year 2006-07. JB Hi Fi dates back to 1974 when it was set up by John Barbuto in a suburb of Melbourne. In the year 1983 the company was sold to three partners namely, Richard Bouris, David Rodd and Peter Ca

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