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GSB015- Corporate Strategy and Responsibility

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Aims of this UnitThe creation, development and execution of corporate strategy forces executive leaders tothink and act in different ways as they embrace the responsibility for setting an organisation’sfuture direction. Whilst looking to the future, executive leaders also need to negotiate thechallenges associated with ongoing strategy implementation whilst concurrently addressingthe added responsibility their organisation has to the wider community.The aim of this unit is to extend, and synthesize learning from previous units in the MBA andenhance the student’s ability to think and act as an executive leader. This unit requiresstudents to think about their role as executive leaders in leading an organisation through theanalysis, strategic positioning, concept application and d

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Making a proper kind of market analysis is often necessary in order to have better kind of deductions on the issues that might arise in the future. The companies will be prepared in this manner, and they will be capable of handling the threats that can be effective in nullifying the market opportunities. The majority of the cases illustrates that the issues are associated with improper knowledge of market and less understanding of the matters that are important for market expansion and holding a better position in the future. The issue that has been taken into consideration in this segment is the acquisition of Union national bank. by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. In the underlying segment, the strategic issues, risks and opportunities are going to be discussed, and depending upon them proper leadership guidelines will be developed.

Part 1: Strategic Issue Analysis


The strategic issues are associated with the company management plans in order to make better deductions of the factors that can influence the activity in positive and negative manner (Karmanov et al., 2016). The strategic issues associated with organizations are important to be analysed in order to find a better remedy for them. In future, these are going to be beneficial for them in order to magnify the possibility of brand extension.

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