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Evidence based public health -Infection Control

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Choose a current article on evidence based public health and in 3 pages summarize and critique the approach and resulting conclusions drawn. The topic is Infection control

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Infection associated with health care has a direct effect over mortality, morbidity and quality of life in people. The infections also impose a large economic burden over health care institutions across the nations. However, several consequences that are imposed by poor control of infection can be overcome by strategies that can perform effective prevention of infection. Improvement in prevention of infection control should be done at national level with uniform standards in order to prevent infection from becoming a health hazard among large group of populations. (Allegranzi et al., 2011)

The containment of infections also has a positive impact over the problem of antibiotic resistance that microorganisms are developing due to overuse of antibiotics. Infection prevention and control has a broader relevance as it helps in safeguarding the interest of general population as well as health care service providers. In one of the study reports released by World Health Organization in 2011, it was found that nearly 7% of patients in developed nations and nearly 15% of patients in low, middle income countries suffer from at least one of the health problems that are given by the infections. Many countries have not regarded it as a significant subject and several steps are to be suggested for prevention and control. (Storr et al., 2017)

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