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Essay Question:“Expatriate assignments can be very challenging, especially in countries that are culturally distinct from the expatriates’ home country.” (Wang & Varma, 2017). Discuss which areas of HRM practice are the most important for ensuring the success of expatriate assignments.Notes:“Discuss” means to investigate and present the different aspects of a problem or subject, usually in support of a position or argument. will need to identify a number of areas of HR practice relating to expatriate failure/success, and discuss / justify which ones are the most important.Source Materials:Ensure that you discuss and justify your choices using sufficient and quality source materials. A minimum o

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HRM plays a very important role in managing expatriate assignments. This essay discusses the major challenges which are usually faced by expatriates while moving to a new country, as well as the practices which HRM must undertake to ensure the success of expatriate assignments. It is important to discuss international HRM as the ensuring the success of expatriate assignment has become a very challenging task for HRM. The study will be followed by challenges faced by the expatriate while moving to a new country. Following this, the essay will reflect the impacts of these challenges over expatriate. Further, the study will show that role of HRM in the management of expatriation and the impact of management and decisions over the expatriate and business. Furthermore, the study will show the actions and practice areas that HRM can adopt to ensure the success of expatriate assignments. It is concluded that HRM must practice in important areas like training to ensure the expatriate assignment success and reducing their challenges.



The Expatriate is a person who has the citizenship of at least one country but is living in some other country. Generally, most of the expatriates stay in foreign countries for a limited period of time because of their involvement in projects, meetings or assignments. Expatriates often return to their

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