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Essay on the management skills and business models implementation

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I need an essay 3000 words on Management skills and Business models Implementation

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Executive summary

Management skills refer to the ability to take business decision and guide the subordinates to achieve the targets of the business. The management skills are divided into three categories namely human skills, technical skills and conceptual skills. The management skills helps the managers to motivate the employees so that they can work with their full potential, solve various problems and issues among various department or as an organization as a whole. The management skills are also useful for smoothing the communication channels within the business. If the communication channels are effective, it will be easier for the manager to share valuable information to their subordinates. In addition, with the help of the management skills, the manager can think of the innovations and implement new business model that will contribute to the success of the business. Business model implementation is the process of transforming the plans in the actions to achieve the long term goals. In other words, it converts the strategies into move to achieve the objectives and targets. There is a need for the business model implementation for several reasons. The implementation of the business model help to bring a change in the organization that helps in its growth. Moreover, for implementing a business model, various departments have to work together that increases the cooperation between the employees. There are few obstacles that lead to inefficienc

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