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EC6004 - Business of Law

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School of Business & Law Module Title: Applied Research: Capstone Module Module Code: EC6004 Level 6Term 1 & 2Academic Year 2019/20 Module Leader:Dr Mimoza Shabani Office No UH1.17e.mail: [email protected] 02082232225Office Hours Mondays 11am-3pm Preferred style ofcontact If you have any queries regarding the teaching orassessment for this module, please refer to (or e-mail)your project leader in the first instance. Your query shouldbe resolved at this level. You may e-mail me if yourproject leader is unable to address your issue. 2Updated June 2018EC6004Applied Research: Capstone Module ASSESSMENT GUIDE Term 1&2 Module LeaderDr Mimoza ShabaniContact DetailsRoom: UH1.17Student Hours: Mondays 11am-1pm and Tuesdays 2pm-4pm Other Tutors NameCont

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Trade is not a new phenomenon in the human history, in early times, it was actually meant for exchange of goods among the people. Later on, as the world develops itself so does the many economic concepts as well. Here than emerges the international trade dated back by the Adam Smith in 17th century to till date by many other scholars and school of thoughts as well. International trade refers to the trade of products and services among the countries. Simply stating that trade entails the import and export of goods and services. The export entails the selling goods and services to the other countries, whereas the import comprises of the merchandises and business enterprise flowing into the country from the other countries. International trade supports the economy of the world, wherever the demand and supply are affected by international phenomenon. Ss, the US altering visa policy for the merchandise workers would influence the programming firms of India. On the other hand, an expansion in the work expenditures in exporting nations like China may perhaps indicate that you are paying higher prices for the Chinese products in the United States (Managment, 2018). International trade or the global exchange is not just a concept rather it is full fledge process which when in progress generates and associates many other things as well. One of them is integration and here we are referring economic integration as an outcome of worldwi

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