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Dispersion curve of the Ar2 molecule

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1. Abstract (around 300 words about this assignment)2. Introduction ( why this is important, what are the uses of it?)3.Theory (Explain about Lenard jones potential, lammps and also should cover the points in Exercise 3rd point in the pdf attached all 3 problems sub division)4.Simulation details ( u have to simulate all the problems in the 4.Instructions all 5 problems simulation detail should be in it)5.Results ( the graph of all the above simulated problem)6.conclusion

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Two argon gas atoms oscillations have been presenting for the simulations. The dispersion force is referred oscillations caused by the force occurred due to the oscillations between the argon atoms attractions and repulsion forces. When atoms start to oscillate from each other at some distance, the simulation begins. As the starting point that is distance of the atoms is changes, the behaviour of the frequency is observed. The total energy referred as potential energy is greater because of starter point is larger. The complete energy of the atoms is associated to the occurrence of the oscillations. 

V (r) =4 ? [(σ/ r) 12 − (σ/ r) 6]


(σ/r) 12 is the 1st term of the calculation (equation).  When atoms are very close from each other, the repulsion of energy amongst the neutral atoms is elucidate by the term. Due to the positive nucleus of two or more atoms and repulsion of electrons clouds, the repulsion force is occurred. To a close distance, the atoms are carried at the moment Pauli repulsion is referred by the equation 4?? (σ/ r) 12. The −4 ?(σ/ r) 6 is the 2nd term of the equation. By a means of this term, attraction force is explained occurred amongst two or more neutral atoms. Due to the formation of rapid electrical dipole moments, the attraction energy comes. The dipole moments create, as the atom travels, in the motion of the nucleus delay occurred in

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