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DBN509- Operations Management

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Individual Presentation Guidelines: • This individual presentation (Assessment 1 Part B) covers Learning Outcome 1 and 2 as part of the requirement for DBN509 Operations Management. • The individual presentation must be your own work. If copying (plagiarism) from other sources/individuals is identified you will receive zero marks. • You presentation should demonstrate evidence of applying concepts/theories learned from a wide range of materials, including a total of at least 3 updated secondary data sources, such as relevant textbooks, academic journals or articles, media reports, annual reports, company’s website and/or reputable online sources. • Your presentation should cover the information highlighted in two broad themes (LO 1 and LO2). • One printe

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The entire presentation is based on Fonterra, a New Zealand based dairy co-operative. This discussion is divided into two key areas, which are, Operational Issues and Continuous Improvement. Operational issues influences to quality and performance of this company while continuous improvement leads the company to perform well. To describe issues, the presentation focuses on operations as well as transformation process of Fonterra. Furthermore, three critical operational issues and challenges are discussed on which company takes some initiatives (Qian & Olsen, 2018). In addition to this, the presentation describes various applications regarding continuous improvement initiated by the company.

Fonterra produces and delivers dairy products containing the value of natural nutrition. Hence, the chief motive of this company is to produce safe products with higher quality. The efficiency level of this company depends upon three pillars, which are Nutrition, Environment and Community. As a result, Fonterra highlights sustainable dairy farming through minimising the use of energy and emissions (Pavlovich, Sinha & Rodrigues, 2016). For this, the company focuses on transformation process depending on technological innovation in order to meet ambitions of long-term climate change. Moreover, the company builds a regional network to support nature of operations.

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