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DBN505- Business Marketing

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Read the following case study and write a report on a new product you plan to introduce to the market for The Better Drinks company. Case Study: The Better Drinks Co. In the late 1990s, three childhood friends, Marc, Simon and Stefan, decided all New Zealand consumers deserved fresh orange juice made from fresh oranges – not the juice on offer that was made from concentrate and full of preservatives. And these three friends knew a thing or two about fresh orange juice. Ex-All Blacks, Marc Ellis and Simon Neal already had a juicing operation catering to Auckland’s food service market. Stefan Lepionka’s own fresh juice company, Stefan’s Orange Juice, had been bought out by Frucor Beverages and Stefan had spent time in the United Kingdom trading fruit juice commoditi

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1.      Introduction

The Better Drinks Company is among the most prosperous producers of refreshment drinks located in New Zealand set up back in 1999 by Marc Ellis, Stefan Lepionka, along with Simon Neal. At first the business made refreshing orange drink, however form 2001 the Charlie’s have enhanced their product selection with a broad variety of organic fruit drinks. The company is principally involved in marketing as well as manufacturing of organic drinks providing dragon fruit as well as orange fruit juices, blackcurrant, mango, raspberry, lemonade, and so on. Within 2011 the Charlie’s bought by Asahi Holdings for around $131 million. The company was renamed to Better Drinks Co. back in 2013. The company currently based in Auckland, New Zealand and Charlie’s juice and  Phoenix organics are usually the branch of the parent company Asahi (Charlie's. 2018, 01 23).

Vision and Mission Statement

 The mission assertion of the company stated to provide far better- and high-quality beverages for everybody. Evaluating the objective declaration, this company particularly focuses on providing high quality beverages for the customers so that the customers can stay healthy and rejuvenated.  In addition, the organization’s perspective would be to generate continuous development in most aspect and make a company within the nation and overseas by maintaining key factors like honesty,

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