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Customer Segmentation Analysis

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Successful brands operating in international markets have a clear understanding of who their customers are, and this is captured through understanding segmentation and target marketing. This individual assignment provides the opportunity to practice the examination and application of these two concepts; students can also add the conceptual frameworks of a Market Analysis Framework and/or a Segment Attractiveness Assessment decision matrix to illustrate results.   You have to conduct a market segmentation analysis and establish the target markets (primary, secondary, and tertiary) for an established brand or product of your choice (do not use any brands from case studies in the course). You are asked to: 1. Focus on a specific, named geographic location/country and develop

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            Fast food industry is known as one of the fastest growing industry of this modern world. Due to modern and fast life, people stay outside for large time of the day. It leads them to rely on fast food restaurants instead of homemade foods (Rehm & Drewnowski, 2016, 804). Moreover, in order to spend some time with family members and nearest people, they often visit restaurants. Thus, the market demand of the fast food chains is increasing day by day. Especially, in countries like United States of America where people lead fast lives often look for new restaurants to satisfy their taste buds. According to reports, the annual revenue of American fast food industry in 2015 was around $200 billion, which has increased from $6 billion (An, 2016, 97). The report has suggested that this revenue will increase up to 2.5% in next two years.

            This article has identified different consumer segments of the fast food restaurants. It has analysed the relation between different segments of consumers and their importance.


            Fast food restaurants mainly have three sets of target market, such as- primary target market, secondary target market and tertiary target market that can be segmented into three groups. They are mentioned below:

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