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CORPORATE LAW ESSAY QUESTION - NOTE: DUE DATE HAS BEEN EXTENDED? DUE DATE FOR OUTLINE: Week 8 (night before your class as per assessment brief)? DUE DATE FOR ESSAY: Week 9 (4pm on Friday of Week 9, as per assessment brief)In 2010, the five Brown brothers formed a private company called "The Grumpy Grande Pty Ltd" ("TGG"). The business was an instant success and the brothers shared equally in the decision-making and profit sharing.According to the company constitution:1. TGG "specialises in bringing premium coffee, brewed fresh from the back of our minivan, straight to your sporting, corporate or social event";2. The five (5) Brown brothers are the only directors and shareholders;3. That any of the brothers wishing to sell their shares in the company, can only do so with the permission of t

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Tim mainly faces danger from his four brothers with whom he performs partnership business.  Tim’s brother has not followed business ethics whatsoever and thus the issue of conspiracy has emerged. Four brothers have behaved rudely with Tim to deprive him of gaining fundamental right in the business place. Slowdown of business does not mean that one brother’s share is deprived. A partner may think to resign; however, it does not mean that other partners put mentally pressure on him to get rid of him in the business process. This is exactly what is happening in the case of Tim, where rest of four brothers have been secretly planning to get rid of him from“The Grumpy Grande Pty Ltd" ("TGG"). In this context, Tim can use (a) Equitable remedy and (b) one statutory remedy to overcome this difficult situation.

According to the study, one of the main issues is business integrity among the directors of the said company. The youngest director Tim among the five directors of the company The Grumpy Grande Pty Ltd has been captured in bad business integrity by the other four directors. The other four directors have planned not to allow the company to pay Tim for his shares in the company. However, according to the company rules and regulations laid for the duties of the directors for any company, the directors must maintain integrity in their individual business duties. They must be honest in their work and should

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