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CORP 5074 - Management

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Managing Across International Borders CORP 5074   Assessment Brief Assessment - A report based on a case study of a Multinational Enterprise (MNE) Word Count - 3500 words, excluding references and appendices Weight - 100% 50 marks for pass   Deadline: 21thMay 2020.Online submission (12 Noon) Details Students are required to select any topic of interest for individual report. The following categories of issues are suggested but not exclusive: you can pick any topic of interest that falls under the domain of MAIB or international Business, but the choosing topic must consider some of the following issues. v An operational Issue – in Energy Companies and Petroleum companies, (BP, Exxon Mobil, and Shell – poor operation system and Oil leakages, employment of l

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The case study of Walmart the Giant retail chain failed in Germany relates to various employment issues and HRM issues as the reasons behind the failure was that Walmart failed to understand the German labour culture (Macaray, 2017). They underestimated the work environment in Germany and imposed some policieswhich were not accepted by the employees of Germany. Cultural differences play an important role in the work area and being a US retail chain, they thought being over friendly could work and attract more clients. People in Germany were made to adapt a culture where they need to chant the name Walmart in the morning with light jumping which was quite embarrassing for them.



Figure 1: Walmart Logo

Source: (Walmart Logo, 2020)

Company thought that it could make them feel like they are a part of Walmart family, but it did nothappen like that. Another cultural issue which was also not accepted by the employees was that Walmart did notallow the employees to date with each other. No employee could have feeling for anybody and an area where people must work for more than 40 hours per week was quite impossible.  The idea behind this thought was to remove office politics but Walmart did notthink that politics are not limited to romantic partners, it can happen anybody within the company. Again, Walmart made a rule in the o

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