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Computer Forensic Investigation Process on Rhino Case

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Requirements: Work through the practical exercise and create an 700 word discussion with screenshots for each of the seven questions (not including the list of works cited) and name at least three scholarly references. Cite and reference all sources using the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System. Your task in detail:You need to find the answers to the 7 questions in the Rhino case described at: . Though there is an answer file in the website, you are required to explain your answer and you need to describe how you achieved the data for the answers. where and how you have found those. Thus, submit your responses in Word document format, including screenshots that show the evidence to these answers. Ru

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The accused got a telnet/ftp account from Jeremy. This is according to the diary document presented with encryptions of MD5: 4227284fc2e03b7d7d5ca1fe23855afb. The accused while conversing mentioned changing the password on the gnome account handed over by Jeremy. The accused proposes to change the password at Radio Shack. probably the accused was working on a project that gave a reason for accessing of the telnet/ftp account.

According to B., & Nye, A. (1994), files that are shared online have a trace. This means that someone can keenly identify footprints of activities that have been occurring without the knowledge of the actual user. The accused suspect could have brushed of the fact that there is a law prohibiting more than nine photos of rhino.

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