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COIT 20246 - Management

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COIT 20246 ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION   Due date:   Part: Written Assessment Weighting: 30% of total assessment.  Submission: Electronic (see course website for details)     Please fill in the following details: Student Name   Student Number   Tutor’s Name     Instructions It will be necessary to use online resources to complete this assignment, please ensure you cite and reference any such materials using the Harvard format.  DO NOT copy content directly from either the text or Internet resources:  this assignment is to be in your own words.  You will lose marks if you do not use your own words! Pl

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Week 1

The text discusses examples of traditional mass storage such as magnetic disk and solid-state drives.  While these still underpin most mass storage, an emerging next-generation storage solution is Persistent Memory (PMEM). Find and summarise ONE resource that describesPersistent Memory.  The resource, and your summary, must focus solely on Persistent Memory.

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An Analysis of Persistent Memory Use with WHISPER

Nalli, S., Haria, S., Hill, M.D., Swift, M.M., Volos, H., and Keeton, K., 2017. An analysis of persistent memory use with WHISPER. ACM SIGPLAN Notices, 52(4), pp.135-148.

An Analysis of Persistent Memory Use with WHISPER

In the sector of computer science, the persistent memory is a method, by using this the data structure can be stored. With th

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