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Chronic Health Problems Case Scenario and Case Report

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S no. Questions 1 List two clinical manifestations for each of the following chronic health conditions. I. Congestive heart failure II. Osteoarthritis III. Eczema IV. Stroke V. Systemic lupus erythematous 2 a. Define chronic pain. What are the demographics of chronic pain in Australia? b. Mention 3 etiological factors for Lumbago. 3 Define each of the following diseases and outline two clinical manifestations a. Rheumatoid arthritis b. Motor neurone disease c. Parkinson’s disease 4 List 2 common clinical manifestations seen in a patient with a permanent tracheostomy and a temporary tracheostomy each 5 Identify four (4) common anatomical sites that may undergo malignant changes 6 List four clinical features of chronic obstructive airway disease (COPD) 7 Describe the aetiolo

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  1. After the surgery it is important to take proper care of the residual limb, it affects the overall health of your body and affects the healing time. The most crucial part of the surgery is prevention of infection, so it is very important for the patient to follow the given instructions in rehabilitation centre as we as in their homes. Here are some of the dos and don’ts provided which are to be followed strictly irrespective of the situation. At home if the person is unable to carry out these steps then they are advised to ask for a nursing staff specialised to do the post-surgical care operations. (2019)

Dos are                                                                                         

  • Change the dressing only as instructed by the nursing staff of the health care unit.
  • After the incision is completely healed and all the stiches and staples are removed, the residual should be properly washed with mild soap and luke warm water before changing the dressing.
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