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Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT

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  Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT BRIEF This module has two summative assessments Assessment Weighting: Report (60%) and Presentation (40%) Assessment 1: Report 60% Learning outcomes 1 and 2 Task: Students to critically evaluate the strategic and non-strategic decision making process for an international/transnational business organization of their choice, analyzing the organization’s appetite and maturity towards managing risk and offering a number of sustainable future strategies that could be adopted by the organization. Format: Report Suggested structure: Title PageContents Page (with page numbers)Introduction Overview of Case Study OrganizationStrategic DecisionsDefinitionExamples of Case Study’s Strategic Decis

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The given assignment is about the analysis of strategic and non-strategic decisions of the Marriott international in US. It is an American multinational diversified hospitality company that franchises and manages portfolio of hotels and lodging facilities.

 Marriott International is a well –renowned leading franchisor, operator, corporate housing properties, licensor of hotels, and time share properties under the multiple brands at different charges and valuable domains. It has more than 3500 properties around the world. Leading performance, innovation, and quality of service is the key priority of Marriott international. It has expanded its business in approximately 74 countries and has 18 brands in total. Many international magazines like Fortune have included the Marriott international as the most admired company in the hospitality industry.

Marriott was mainly found by the J. William Marriott and his wife in Washington D.C in 1927 as a root beer stand. In the mid-summer, the hot Shoppe has become the famous place to get cool drinks to break the thirst at affordable prices. It has also brought multiple drinks and dishes for multiple occasions and according the seasons to attract large number of consumer around the world. Marriott did it first international expansion in the year of 1966 by obtaining an airline catering kitchen in Caracas. It is to be believed that Farrell’s ice-cream parlors became the part of Marri

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