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BX2062 SP21 2020 Assessment Task 1 ASSESSMENT TASK 1:  SUPPLY CHAIN  and value chain DESIGN PART A Report Length 2000 words (+ or – 10%) (TOC, Executive Summary, Conclusion and References are not included in the word count) Due date Thursday, 7 April 2020 (Week 4)  ASSESSMENT TASK 1: DESCRIPTION The aim of this assessment is for you to apply the fundamental principles and issues of operations management to design a comprehensive supply/value chain appropriate for organisation to bring the new product(s) and/or service(s) to market. Instructions: Full details of the assessment are available in the subject LearnJCU assessment folder, assessment 1. Useful Information: You are to assume the role of the newly appointed operation

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Use of environmentally friendly products in the construction projects is gaining popularity in the Australian as well as global market. Therefore, Nextgen Construction, a start-up business company, plans to use carbon fibre, thermal insulation and fireproof in its building materials production chain. Aim of this study is to recognise the organisations presented in the supply chain and understand potential challenges that companies can face while developing this supply chain.

Supply chain of product

In order to develop quality building materials, this start-up company is investing a significant amount of funding to collect ores from the international market. From the report, it has been found out that coal will be supplied by a domestic organisation, which is operating in Bowen Basin in North Queensland. Additionally, Zircon supply will be taken from the Pilbara region which is situated in the Western Australia. Specialised toughened glass supply is also needed to name carbon fibre building material. Therefore, local glass creators will provide Nextgen Construction toughen glass. Furthermore, it has been noted that this start-up organisation will collect silver ore from the highlands of Papua New Guinea to maintain the quality of their materials. On the other hand, Yttrium which is used to provide extra strength to the carbon fibre, will be exported from Chile. 



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