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PurposeThissignificanttaskrequiresforwardplanningandadequatetimeforresearch,readingandreflecting.Itcomprises35%ofyourassessmentinthissubject.Youshouldbeginresearchingearlytogatherinformationandestablishaplanofapproachassoonaspossible.Thepurposeoftheassignmentistoenableyoutoachieveoutcomesinknowledge,skillandapplicationacrossthedesignatedlearningoutcomesmentionedintheBULAW5914courseDescription.Itisalsotoenableyouto:? Learnhowtoindependentlyresearchaparticularaspectofthelaw;? Reflectonandconsiderparticularlegalissues;? Demonstrateyourunderstandingofrelevantlaws;? Developyourknowledgeaboutthesubjectareaofyourresearch;? Demonstratetheabilitytoinvestigate,synthesiseandanalyse;? Communicateyourfindingsinaformalpieceofworkandmeetadeadline;? Enhanceyourwrittencommunicationskills;and? Applyyourlega

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The given assignment mainly highlights the two given case study in which one case is related to the Samsung case and other is related to accident. Both cases have to analyse as per the Australian laws and legislation.

In the Samsung case, one customer has been injured due to the defective products of the company as his Samsung phone has caught fire due to the overheated battery which not only injured his body but also his BMW car has totally destroyed. So, in this assignment, multiple laws and legislation will be evaluated to analyse what compensation he could get for the damage done to him.

In the second accident case, one person named Alan has requested a car driver, Steven who was drunk for a lift at a particular place. Steven said yes to Alan to take side seat and after sometime he met with an accident and both got serious injuries. Alan who was a computer technician has not been able to do his job so want to sue Steven for whatever has been done. Laws and legislation will be reviewed that what compensation could be taken for Alan for the damages done to him.

The conclusion will be added in the end to find the findings of the fact.  

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