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BUGEN 5930 -Business Society and the Planet Assignment

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ASSESSMENT 2 This task requires you to work both individually and as part of a group to consider the Corporate Social Responsibility performance and stated values of two similar organisations and apply the Giving Voice to Values framework. There are two parts to this task:? Part A – 25% Business Values Assessment Report ? Part B – 20% Application of the GVV framework – scenario development, script development and online presentationNOTE all group members must participate in Part A and Part BPlease see below for the details of these Task Requirements. PART A – BUSINESS VALUES ASSESSMENT REPORTThis activity is based on the exercise on page 226 of ‘Business Ethics’ (Crane & Matten, 2010) – a copy of the relevant pages are available on the course

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In the globalized business world, becoming socially active is important to stay firm in the business operations and achieve competitive advantage in the market (Marano & Kostova, 2016). It has been known that socially responsible companies often get the benefit to gain brand image with the help of media coverage and word-of-mouth marketing. Helping the environment and feeding the poor are some of the common Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices undertaken by various multinational corporations.

The present report is based on the CSR performance of the two selected organisations namely Microsoft. The writing demonstrates their value framework along with the description of the unique CSR activities carried out by both the firms. In a group of 4 members, the companies have been selected, and individual views on their social responsibility practices have been discussed.

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The selected organizations are Microsoft and Apple Inc; the report is based on the Australian operations of the two cited companies. It has been known that both the companies operate in Technology and mobile industry. The background of the businesses is software development which offers high-tech solutions to people that helps them to reach their full potential.

Considering the first organization that is Microsoft offers multiple social advantages to people. Its net revenue is USD110 billion as of the year 2018

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