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BUACC5901 Accounting and Finance

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This assignment is part of the continuous assessment and feedback. It is a group assignment with a maximum of four students. Your group shall select latest annual report (2017 or 2018) of one of the following companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. 1. AGL Energy Limited 2. Newcrest Mining Limited 3. Qantas Airways Limited 4. RIO Tinto Limited5. Wesfarmers 6. Telstra Corporation Limited ? All annual reports are available on the website of these companies.? Choosing a company other than those mentioned above is not permitted. Question 1. Use Annual reports to compare the financial results of chosen company over the two years (that is 2017 to 2018). You should use any financial information provided in the two annual reports (including all ratios and narratives) to conclude on the

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Question 1:  Analyse financial statement of Wesfarmers for the year 2017 to 2018

In Australia, Wesfarmers is one of the leading retail firm provide one of the best quality of service as well as product to their customer. It has a huge business operating in various segments like supermarket, hotels and convenient stores, home improvements, departmental stores and much more. The company has huge investments and earnings from the various sector of the market. It provides a detailed annual report on the overall performance, investments and earnings of the company as a whole throughout the year. This annual report covers the performance of the company for consecutive two years for 2017 and 2018. Company's consolidated details of the segments of assets, liabilities and equity statements has risen as well fallen in both the consecutive years, showing the facts that the company  The total current assets value of 2018 was ($8,706m) and of 2017 was ($9,667m) which shows that it has decreased by the value of ($961m). Whereas the total noncurrent assets for the year 2018 were ($28,227m) and of 2017 were ($30,448m), it shows a difference of ($2221m) and it was come down in 2018. So the total assets of both the year 2018 and 2017 were ($36,933m) and ($40,115m) respectively. Similarly the liabilities of both the year have shown a minor difference which decreased by few million dollars in the year 2018 than 2017. The overall equity growth was quite good in the year 201

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