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BU1105 - Transferable Skills

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BU1105 Individual Assignment   Word Count Limit = 2,000 words     Essay Question Discuss the concept of transferable skills [also referred to as employability skills]. Why do employers place so much emphasis on these skills when hiring and promoting staff?    Based on your examination of relevant literature, what are the key transferable skills sought by employers at a broad level?   How do these compare to the top five ranked skills as detected in your analysis of the job adverts for the two job positions that you examined? [Here you need to analyse 10 job adverts x 2 job positions [so 20 job adverts in total]   In the body of your essay you should provide an overview as to the key elements / component areas / characteristics that underpin

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Transferable skills are anessential set of services and aptitudes that can be useful to a variedchoice of diverse jobs and industries. They are typicallychosen over time and can be increased from the precedinglocations, charity or voluntary work, your pastimes, or even just at home. Transferable skills are very significant to employers because it shows that they are fit for the team it also demonstrates what anapplicant can bring to the role and how much they have learned from previous position or knowledge. Transferrable skills are very helpful for a person to sign in their employment life because without those skills it becomes very hard to survive in employment. Because there are high chances that employment might go out and people may not get any scope of new work or job which can be very bad so in this situation, it is very appropriate that everyone should be acquired with some transferable skills (Ashraf, 2011).

Emphasis on Transferrable Skills

There is an increased emphasis on the transferrable skills by the companies because through these skills the emphasis becomes higher and an employee can work on numerous field they are not bound to just one field of work. Transferrable skills are being so much emphasized by the employer as they provide us with an outlook of different attributes. These skills help to know about the employee as to how they are going to do the work and whether those skills wil

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