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BO1BSRE301 Business Strategy

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Kent Institute Australia Pty. Ltd.Assessment Brief ABN 49 003 577 302 CRICOS Code: 00161E RTO Code: 90458Version 1: 22nd December, 2016 TEQSA Provider Number: PRV12051ASSESSMENT BRIEF-2COURSE: Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Accounting Unit:Business Strategy Unit Code:BO1BSRE301 Business Strategy Type of Assessment:Critical Review of Journal Articles Length/Duration:300 - 500 words for each journal article Course Learning Outcomes addressed:1,3,4,5 Unit Learning Outcomes addressed:1,3 Submission Date:Week 7 Assessment Task:Critical Review of 3 out of 7 Journal articles Weighting:20%Students are advised that any submissions past the due date without an approved extension or without approved extenuating circumstances incurs a 5% penalty per calendar day,calculated from the total markE.g.

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Article 1

Authors of this article outline the space for improving the framework and enhancing the practical value of the Porter model. It has been argued that the five frameworks have historically been used as a theoretical strategic model and have important implications in the academic enterprise management environments. In this article, the author's main approach includes how to easily apply it in modern business surroundings or environment and succeed. This includes several functions, including assessing the impact of the power as well as assigning them significance weights to survey how they completely relate to each other moreover how they create the industry models (Grundy, 2006).

This article draws attention to the fact that an effort to modify the application of structure in the current business environment should make sure that it incorporates the current situation of the time in the analysis. Given that the Internet has also become a powerful factor day by day, Grundy tries to check whether this conventional principle is still suitable for industry testing. The results of author support the above studies, assuming that the value of a framework for the testing competition is the starting point. However, they also highlight the effect of technical innovation and many other factors related to the profitability of these facts to accurately diagnose all the changing impact or nature of the economy and industry and the new model. Grundy (2006) also co

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