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BCO6603 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

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ERP Systems in the Cloud” There has been significant media attention and hype about the potential of cloud technologies. Companies are investigating how these technologies can be applied to their ERP Systems requirements. Companies are presented with a number of options which they need to consider. These include:• On-premise: This refers to the traditional approach where a company purchases the licences for an ERP systems and then installs it within their company. • Hosted ERP System: This refers to where the company purchases the licences for an ERP systems and then installs it on a third party’s infrastructure (hosted) in the cloud. This is sometimes referred to as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). • Cloud ERP System: This refers to an ERP system which is

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1. Introduction

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been the source of developing the effective alignment of information and development of the strategies (Beaulieu et al. 2015). The ERP includes the utilisation of the set of software and deploying the inclusion of the innovative alignment of the activities. The ERP system would support the integration of the information on a single platform for ensuring ease of the access and effective development of the business process integration using a single repository of data. The addition of the cloud technology would enable the knowledge-based operations and remote access for accessing and developing the innovative work alignment. The cloud computing management had included the formation of the remote access for all scales of the business management. The remote access would help the organisation for aligning the formation of the innovative alignment management (Schunselaaret al. 2017). The utilised integration of ERP and Cloud would form the integration and alignment of the database and integrate implied management.

The following section would include the utilisation of the various literatures (journals and articles) for ensuring the documentation of the research report on the cloud based ERP system. The documentation would include the analysis of the types of the ERP system used for Cloud management. The integration of the aligned management would be developed with the consideration of the

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