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Audio Signal Selector for Radio Stations

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Audio Signal Selector for Radio StationsThis is a unit to gate 1 kHz sinusoidal output from a level audio oscillator to produce a tone burstwaveform. Gating is to occur as close as possible to the zero crossings of the oscillator waveform.When of the output is to be at 0 volts. When gated on the output level is to be variable up to amaximum of 5 volts RMS with no DC component present. The output resistance is low, not morethan 50 Ohm. The unit should be powered from normal laboratory supplies. Design hint – to detectthe zero crossings of the sinusoid reasonably accurately operate the level oscillator with a largeoutput. The output contains 3 different waves mashed into 1. WorksheetCircuit Analysis and Constructiona) Construct the circuit above USING A BREADBOARD and provide screensh

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1) Introduction: Section A

An audio signal selector is an important element that helps establish effective audio signal selection in a radio station. An audio signal selector consists of a stereo audio switch circuit in order to establish a unit to gate 1 kHz sinusoidal output from a level audio oscillator to produce a tone burst waveform. Designing a circuit for an audio signal selector is to be done based on multiple considerations, including the gating, oscillation of waveforms and the required output. The working of an audio signal selector is based on the circuit created. The design includes a choice of stereo inputs and stereo outputs.

2) Design Concept and Block Diagram : Section B

The design concept is based on forming an audio source signal selector with 3 inputs and 1 output function. The design is based on functioning of the source signal and requires a micro controller. The 3 input units would be controlled by this micro controller. A discrete relay and SMD components are to be placed in order to formulate an effective system circuit for an audio signal selector. Multiplexer chips specifically designed for audio, with better harmonic distortion performance and "pop" reducing circuits can help improve the quality of the network circuit. The internal switching will be made possible through the use of CMOS components.

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