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Assignment on why I wish to become a teacher

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A 500-word statement outlining why you wish to become a teacher. This should include your inspiration to become a teacher, the qualities you will bring to the profession, the age of the students you wish to educate and why, and why you think teaching is an important career. Basic Information: I am planning to do Masters in Teaching (PRIMARY). To teach children aged from 5 to 12 Years.I have completed Bachelors in Computer Engineering.

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Why I wish to become a teacher

Doctors, engineers, politicians, lawyers have progressed in their life because they had a teacher who taught them. A teacher is a one who guides the students and teaches skills that are helpful for them in their entire life. In this essay, it would like to tell the reasons why I wish to become a teacher.

My decision to become a teacher is a complicated one. It is the culmination of all the experiences that I have gone through in my life and my ability to change the world. I have decided to become a teacher because teaching is an important activity that can bring major change in upbringing the lives of the students and thus, have a major impact of the society as a whole. It also provides the opportunities for me to renew my personal and professional life. 

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