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Due: Tuesday 4 June Weight: 40% of total grade Format: 2200 word critique (plus or minus 10%) This assessment aims to: (A) provide an opportunity for you to engage with relevant literature; and (B) to allow you to discuss the leadership theory in light of personal experience. In Part A, you are required to read two journal articles on leadership: Caldwell, C, Dixon, RD, Floyd, LA, Chaudoin, J, Post, J &Cheokas, G, 2012, 'Transformative leadership: Achieving unparalleled excellence' Journal of Business Ethics, Vol, 109, no.2, pp.175-187 Schaubroeck, JM, Hannah, ST, Avolio, BJ, Kozlowski, SW, Lord, RD, Treviño, LK, Dimotakis, N & Peng, AC, 2012 'Embedding ethical leadership within and across organisation levels' Academy of Management Journal,

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            Understanding business ethics is an important factor in order to run an excellent business operation. According to an analysis of the business organization, it is observed that business ethics is an essential part to make any important decisions regarding business development. Similarly, leaders are the main role to run an organization. For that reason, understanding and right practicing leadership skill are as much as important like understanding business ethics. The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the articles regarding leadership skill and understand its value for running a business organization. In-depth analysis of both articles has been conducted in the critique part of this assignment. Along with the analysis of articles, there is a discussion on the author's point of view regarding leadership skill. Additionally, the understanding of the applied theories and examples of leadership skill also has been explored in the discussion further. Considering the theory of leadership skill real-life examples have shown the proper implementation and necessity of the leadership skill in the business organization. Most importantly, there is a discussion part which is dealing with the learning experience from the analysis of articles regarding leadership. This part is also containing the realize examples for better understanding. Finally, the discussion is concluded towards the end

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